A Mother Said, “No.”

Somewhere in the world, a mother said, “No.”

Her child responded with, “I don’t like you, anymore.”

The mother was past needing to be popular with this person.

The mother proceeded to finish the dinner and ride out the evening without much to say.

The child didn’t seem to notice.

The child will hear another, “No,” today.

The mother will, once again, not wither under the rejection.

Like the directions on the shampoo bottle.

There is no clear indication of when to stop repeating.


The mother likes to think that somewhere out there.

Another mother said, “No.”

So that one day…

The “Yes” will be sweeter and more appreciated.

The privileges more like privileges and less like “rights”.

Both of their characters stronger.

The home more peaceful.

The heart of the child more secure.

All because the mother said,”No.”

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One Response to A Mother Said, “No.”

  1. I love this, Ordinary Em. I struggle with this very issue sometimes – do I say “no” too much? Not enough? Will it break the spirit of my kids to hear it so often?

    At the end of the day, I know that saying “no” is setting boundaries. Boundaries are good. It’s when the boundaries are in place that you can start to say “yes” a little more confidently and often.

    Great post!

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