Still Here Waiting…

Scrooge's third visitor, from Charles Dickens:...

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Just a couple of things.

1)  Still no miracle.

2) Yes, I do know the definition of anonymous.  Now my husband and my best friend are reading the blog.  Maybe they don’t know.  I don’t even know how Chantele got the address.

3) This “common cold” got in the house and I feel really awful.  My daughter had this last week.  If I had had any idea she felt this sick, I would not have let her go to all the usual activities.  There is no fever, but it is clearly contagious.  Another old wives tale bites the dust.

4) There is one freaking week until Christmas.  I am completely unprepared.  Some who know what is up have recommended that I sit the children down and explain that it’s not going to be like in previous years.  I don’t think it is a bad idea, but I just keep thinking I will come up with a better one.

5) Not feeling like this, I won’t.

6) I am as disorganized as I have ever been.  It is scary.

7) But the bills are all paid.  We have $86 to get us to 01.01.11.  I feel like Suze Orman compared to the how we were on 11.16.10.

8.) I have to confess, since no one who knows this about me will be walking their dogs down by my house and flip me off.  I have never actually grown up. I know it is supposed to be about Jesus.  I also know I am not supposed to want anything for myself as long as the kids have something nice.  But in my heart, I cannot separate the provision for myself, from His party.  Christmas is when I got the socks, winter coat, lunch box, Bible, umbrella, hair barrettes, purse, jeans.  Basic provision.  As I have mentioned, I have never really believed people who said they only wanted “Peace on Earth”. I think they are trying to be “grown-upper” than everyone else.  I really think they are liars. How can you not want just a little something?  I want a pile of stuff.  I would be sad if I got a Lexus with a big red bow because it is only one gift (and it is cold outside…if you are going to give me a car, give it to me for Memorial Day).

On a side note: My husband asked the other day, why people who get each other cars for Christmas always live in modern homes.  He is an architect, so he would notice.

How do we “keep the Christ in Christmas”?  I gotta say, I am stumped.  Does He want the birthday cake that is served in birthday parties for Jesus?  Really? If you have a separate birthday party for Him, you realize, you have taken His birthday out of Christmas and made him into a little kid who will feel sad if he doesn’t get cake and ice cream and an excuse to behave badly all day.  Are we keeping the focus on Him by making our glassy-eyed, drooling children wait to open gifts until Luke 2 has been read?   My church is hauling out the whole dog and pony show… or should I say sheep and donkey show?

It is not reaching my heart.

Still saying.

He is a gentleman, this One.  I need Him to show up for this.  If He decides not to come; I guess that is okay.  We really don’t seem to be as tuned in to what He likes as we used to be.

Probably, I should clean house, though.  That is pretty timeless.


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3 Responses to Still Here Waiting…

  1. Kristy says:

    I love #7. It made me giggle as I can relate 🙂 But bills being paid is always a good thing!

  2. mommylebron says:

    I can really relate to what you’re going through. It’s a week until Christmas and I’m hoping for, well, a miracle. My kids are pretty in tune to the running and finances of our household but I still want to have that “magic”.

  3. Young Wife says:

    I think we’re all secretly a little selfish. Of course we want nice things, presents to open on Christmas Day. It is hard to keep our focus on Christ, whether things are going well or going poorly.

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