Christmas was…

Christmas went okay.  There were a couple of little pennies that came by and I put about $60 on the Kohl’s.  The kids had a good time, and one of the teens… Got. It.

When we went to the grocery and we had to leave with nothing because the debit card was not accepted, she put together that it was the Saturday before Christmas and we couldn’t buy food.  Thus, it probably won’t be a huge haul as in years past.  She spent her Christmas money from her Paw Paw on gifts for the rest of the family and helped her little brother do the same.

We still went to the Family Night at Christmas on the Sunday before the holiday.  We had the best tree we have EVER had.  It is still taking my breath away every morning when I come downstairs.

We attended Christmas Eve Vespers.  It was just long.

The unexpected fruit of this?  A mysterious silence from that wanting voice in my head.  The scorching wind of discontent stopped blowing over the gaping abyss of “gimme”.  The lonely howling sound extinguished.

I received a blanket and half interest in a bag of Dunkin’ Decaf.  With my Christmas money, I bought two 2-subject spiral notebooks and groceries.

We had our traditional Christmas dinner with friends.

It was a gloriously happy day.

And then it snowed.



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